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Just a few of the family`s with their new Pup. Beautiful!!

Scripa`s and new pup Yuki

The Masterson`s son with (Cotton)

The Jone`s (Sanibel Stormi Rose)

Sidney Duke & mom

The Sanderland`s

The Jone`s

The Hoskin`s

Jayne Seymore

Kayce & Kent 

  Price is $2000.00 ......... $300.00 non refundable deposit... Sold with limited papers. 



English Cream Golden Retriever

American Golden Retriever (ENGLISH CREAM)

American Golden Retrievers were bred from English variants imported to the U.S through Canada, but they developed and evolved differently from their English counterparts. This is particularly because they were bred according to the AKC standards as opposed to the UK standards. The English Cream Golden Retriever comes with:

  • A straighter top line

  • A more protruding chest

  • A darker nose

  • Rounder eyes

  • A broader head

  • A heavier, stockier build

  • A generally lighter coat color

The American Golden Retriever features a sloping back end, more lightweight appearance, and generally darker eyes. The retriever is very obedient, loves water, bonded to their owner, easy to train, soft mouth (can carry raw eggs in their mouth with out even braking them). They are ranked one of the top pets that are welcome into homes across the country. They are the perfect family dog. Their average weight runs around 65 LBS. These dogs are great with kids and they can adapt to about any where. You won't be disappointed with the Golden Retriever English Cream, they will steal your heart with all the love that they have. We here at Southern Farms Golden Retrievers have worked hard to breed top of the line Creams to get you the best pup for your family. We look forward to hearing from you on the day you decide to add one of these wonderful, highly intelligent dogs to your family. 


This is Marley. Full of energy, runs around the farm and does alot of sniffing around when loosed. We have a great Pyrenees (Jasmine) we use on the farm and if she gets a little aggressive with her she will just lay down. No fight in Marley

Maxwell. Looks saids it all. Full of energy, very obedient, stylish. He is a dog that knows his master and stays very close by his side. I am very proud of this dog. 


My Golden Retriever Bella, she too is a masters dog. She will be right there by your side and is very, very obedient to commands. When it comes to our Pyrenees (Jasmine) Bella holds her ground. Jasmine can`t do nothing with her.


This is Annie, she is a beautiful English Cream retriever. Loves water, loves to play and loves a lot of attention like all the Golden Retrievers. 


This here is Hanna. She is an English Cream that is full of energy. Loves to play, loves the water and plenty of attention. Did I mention full of ENERGY? LOL

We have the perfect pup for your family

Pups are sold with limited papers.


Maxwell and Hannah in a tug of war.....

Annie don`t know what to do?

Maxwell  (English Cream)


marley & bella (tug of War)



Golden Retrievers love the water

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