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        Emily`s Finn

Golden Retriever (English)

They call him Mr. Cool.

Owned by Mr. Sparks......

        Danilee Fregoe`s 


        (Golden Doodle)

     She`s such a SMARTY!

      Emily`s ~ Roxy

Golden Retriever (English)

Creda with new puppy owners. Julie and Nina. From FT Lauderdale, FL. and their names are Olive and Jet and the are ready for the ocasion!

 Carnes with their new pup ~Biggie~ Beautiful Golden Doodle!

   Gracie & Sophie with Shiloh       *ENGLISH CREAM RETRIEVER*

Chloe with Winnie. Winnie loves belly rubs and vet said she is beautiful!
Bentley ..... With his new family. Addie and her dad Mark. ~check out the video with the rest of famly, which was a surprise ... It is so wonderful ! THANK YOU BOERTJE FAMILY FOR SHARING YOUR PICTURES. MEANS SO MUCH TO US !

David and family with their new pup ~Snow~

  Jesse and her husband          with ~Watson~

Jill with Maggie

Tibby`s (Maggie Mae with A bandana)

Miss Laura with ~ Lilybit~

The Woggon`s with "Louie"

Kayla and her mom Lisa with                 "PADDINGTON"

Here is Molly and Gabe with their new pup (Houston). He`s going to be spoil for sure. What a lucky dog! Congratulation KIDS!!


Kayla`s mom sent these updated pictures of Paddington. Golden Retriever (English Cream) all the way. JUST BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you all so much for the pictures. 

Hopper family with their new                puppy  (Scout)


The Frankenburger family with their          new puppy (Tucker)

The Gibson`s with their       new puppy ( YUKI )

Kayla & Liam with their           new puppy (BENTLEY)

Scripa`s and new pup Yuki

The Hoskin`s

The Masterson`s son with (Cotton)

The Jone`s (Sanibel Stormi Rose)

Sidney Duke & mom

The Sanderland`s

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